Everything from shark teeth (Smile, please) to perfumes to artwork can be found on the island of Mahe in Seychelles, Africa. Village markets are at your service to insure your shopping pleasure. Victoria, in particular, has lots of shops and markets where you can find coconuts, tea, and clothes, so eat, drink, and get dressed and have a good time.

At Craft Village in Anse aux Pins, you'll find souvenirs, including turtle shells (no longer legal), and many of the items mentioned above. The Seypot Factory sells locally-made ceramics. You'll find many roadside shops in small, villages, run by locals, affording you the perfect opportunity to linger and familiarize yourself with local color.

Shells and other treasures from the sea can often be found right at your hotel, as many hotels operate souvenir shops and boutiques for the benefit of tourists (and themselves, of course). Coconuts are not just for smashing and eating the meat out of, you know. Some pretty interesting Items made of coconut can be found at some of these shops. Doubtless, you'll want to take home a coconut-head decorated with shells and carved to look like a person's face (hopefully smiling).

Follow your nose to fragrant spices sold every day in Victoria's markets. Mahe also has a number of art galleries, where you can find paintings in various genres. Camion Hall exhibits and sells local crafts of many kinds, and La Kaz offers baskets, hats, and other items. Antik Colony is another place to find treasures and souvenirs.