Praslin Island is a location which can easily be enjoyed throughout an entire stay, no matter of what duration the stay may be, and the traveler will likely leave longing for more of the luxurious life there.  It is just not a place where it is likely that travelers will ever get bored.  However, it is also located within the midst of a beautiful part of the world and travelers may wish to take some day trips away from Praslin Island just to get a better feel for the entirety of the location.

Praslin Island is located just over twenty miles north of Mahe ( ), and visitors who are interested in spending time away from Praslin Island will find this location to be a terrific place for them to spend a day.  Mahe is the largest island in the area and it is also the one with much of the richest history.  During a Mahe day trip, travelers should make it a point to go to the nearby mountains, including the highest peak of Morne Seychellois.  Travelers seeking to spend time in museums and other such modern locations will find that Mahe is a great place for them. 

In contrast, travelers who want an even slower pace of life than that offered in leisurely Praslin Island will find that the best day trip for them is probably a trip to La Digue.  This is a place where life is lived as though decades of modern existence have not passed. Hire a bicycle and have a ride round the place stopping wherever the amazing bays and beaches take your breath away with their beauty. Take your Snorkelling kit and a few provisions, especially fluids. There are some little Cafe/Stores dotted about where you can get a drink or snack, but always better to be prepared

 You can charter a local boat to take you on an island hopping trip mostly from cote d'or beach. You would get to see Curieuse for a barbecue Sisters and other smaller outcrops, some so exclusive, once you have landed on a beach, you can't go beyond the tree line!!!! But for the best experience you need to go to Aride island to see the most packed with life conservation island mostly with birds and skinks, Cousin island is similar but a smaller and more touristy island