Chiang Rai's outlying hills and waterfalls are among its finest features. Trekking through hills, jungles, valleys and waterfalls are all part of the Chiang Rai experience and the newest way to do this in the province is with Chiang Rai ATV.  For watersports there is Planet WakeBoard who offer wakeboard on one of the nearby lakes.

There are a variety of other aquatic sports in Chiang Rai and the surrounding areas. Chiang Saen Lake is a natural reservoir, 5 kilometers from Chiang Mai. The lake is conducive to sailing, boating, and birdwatching. Thousands of birds migrate from November to December.

Rock Climbing and Caving and Zip lines are on offer 2.5km at the northwest direction from town. Most rock climbing crags in that region are covered in vines, though there is one, called Boomerang, which has been developed for top rope climbing, with two dozen routes. At that same site are three long zip lines and Asias largest swing called Pie in the Sky.

River boats go between Chiang Rai and Taton along the Mae Kok river. Explore the backcountry at designated stops. Along the way there is a riverside hot spring, and a place which offers elephant rides.

Travelers who seek even closer contact with the natural world may consider Khun Cae National Park. The hiking trails place explorers into the deepest sections of the Tambon Mae Chedi Mai jungle. A guide or expedition outfitter is entirely necessary. The steep terrain and mountain passes ascend to 1400 km and higher. Khun Cae National Park is located between the 55 and 56 km markers on highway 118.

There are also 4 golf courses in Chiang Rai. Chiang Rai is home to one of the top 5 golf courses in Thailand. Santiburi Golf Course is a must play course for any avid golfer. Waterford Valley, Happy City and the Mae Kok Golf Club all offer different golfing experiences for all levels of golfers. Combined with Chiang Rai's laid back nature and beautiful surroundings, this city should be on the list of all golf loving tourists.  There is another Trusted Traveler Advice Article on golfing in Chiang Rai which goes into more detail on whats on offer.