In Hua hin  you can enjoy many events and festivals all year long

Are you interested in getting off the beaten track?  Seeing the real Thailand?  Talking with Locals and Local Expats about what life is REALLY like in Thailand?  Every Saturday afternoon the Hash House Harriers get together for a 1 hour run and walk through the Thai countryside.  Shortcutting through a Wildlife preserve, crossing a pineapple field, balancing across a wall separating rice paddys, this group takes you through the real Thai countryside.  You might get dirty, you might get wet, you might have to push your way through the Jungle.....but at the end of the trail there's beer, soft drinks, and snacks waiting for you.  After the wrap-up session you'll have the opportunity to join the group at a local restaurant (Usually one that no tourist has ever set foot in) to continue eating and drinking. Cost is THB150 for Drinkers, and THB100 for non drinkers, Kids under 10 are free, and costs include the "Run" and all associated drinks at the run.  Attendees range in age from 2 to 75.  The restaurant afterwards is at your own expense.  Unique stories and memories are included at no additional cost.  Contact the organizers and they'll find a volunteer to pick you up and get you to the fun!

Every in late August/early September the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament comes to town, with international teams coming from as far away as Sri Lanka and Europe. The event, which raises money for the National Elephant Institute, also includes parades and other festivities. In June, the Hua Hin Jazz Festival is two nights of local and international talent on several city and beach stages, hotel and street entertainment. This year the Hua Hin Jazz Festival is postponed for 20-22 June 2014 due to the Thailand ongoing political situation and in March the skies fill with colorful kites at the annual Kite Festival.