The airport itself boasts of two storeys of well-designed passageways that allowed human traffic to flow smoothly from getting off the plane to immigration to baggage collection. As as one emerges from the glassed corridors of the airport, they are met by throngs of taxi drivers and shuttle bus providers. Having said that, culturally the locals in Krabi are less "pushy" than what has been experienced in many other parts of Thailand. The people are friendly and relaxed, respecful to tourists and clearly proud of their new international airport. Checking into the airport at the end of a holiday was also a pleasant experience - the counters were well-lit, broad and spacious. Right after checking in, one could quickly move through immigration to the large waiting areas. Much to the surprise of many tourists, everything works like clockwork at Krabi International Airport - big kudos to the airport authorities and local provincial managers.

Word on the ground is that Krabi Province is fast becoming the tourist destination that it deservedly should be. As Krabi increases in prominence, nearby Phuket is deemed often by tourists as over-crowded and over-developed and starting to lose its relaxing get-away mood. It is rumoured that Phuket International Airport, which surprises many as the structure and surroundings is a far cry from anyone's expectations of being an international airport, will be demolished for several years of redevelopment to make way for a new airport. Thus, leaving nearby down-south Krabi as the new destination for many international flights.

The Krabi provincial authorities have definitely learnt from the mistakes of other parts of Thailand, and as they started on the land planning and infrastructure building of the province to convert a sleepy little township into a tourist must-go, they have clearly and evidently taken into consideration the need for well paved sidewalks, broad streets leading into the tourist areas, and well light and sign-posted roads leading away from the airport.

And in Ao Nang, the famed tourist strip of Krabi right by the beachfront, shops maintain their lively seaside charm and quaintness. People are friendly and everything seems to take 2 paces slower than most other parts of Thailand. What is most enchanting about Krabi, is how the crowd seems to be different from nearby Phuket - there is a much more gentler family-oriented trend in the tourists who choose Krabi as their holiday destination. For those of us who have discovered the charm and beauty of Krabi, we hope it stays that way for a long time to come before commercialism taints its unique serenity away.