Summer is the only time during which travelers spend any amount of vacation time in Mahdia.  This is because Mahdia is a small, local village which does not specifically cater to tourists and much of the standard needs of tourists (such as accommodations, for example) simply are not open or readily available for use during any time but the summer.

The summer weather in Mahdia can be a bit warm, averaging highs of ninety degrees during late July and early August.  There is some humidity which can make this weather seem even hotter than it actually is.  However, the beaches of Mahdia are enjoyable and visitors will find that spending time in the water helps reduce the heat.  Additionally, the temperatures drop significantly at night, averaging lower than seventy degrees on even the hottest of nights.

This cool temperature, combined with the significant difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures, makes the Mahdia evenings feel wonderful.   Travelers will find that this results in a nightlife which is not indoors, as with most travel destinations, but outdoors where the weather can be enjoyed.   (See for more information.)

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