Euros, Dollars, Or even GBP are greatly accepted so either is fine. But the local currency is the YTL ( turkish liras ) Change your currency as needed at the dovis ( change office bureau ) Travellers checks are not recommend to Turkey or Antalya as they are a hassle and also charge a service fee to cash them at the banks. A lot of hotels will not accept. Better with dollars, or euros or better yet use the ATM's.

Exchange some of your foriegn currency to Liras at a change offices in Turkey. But don't exchange at the airport wait until you can get to a change office you will get a better price. However you can use the ATM at the airport at your arrival. As you will need some Liras to pay for small items to the markets, taxis etc. Small places probably not take Euros or dollars. Most of the changes offices are located in the center of town and the hotel will give you some help or directions.

If you use a ATM please use one that is located outside of a national bank and also during regular business hours. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

This way if you experience any problems with your card you can directly report it at the bank. Also do make sure that you advise your bank of your planned travel to Turkey. If not the bank after a transaction or two may freeze your card after one or two transactions.