Health Tourism Sector in Turkey 

Health tourism sector is growing everyday and become a future sector in the world. Turkey will be a big health tourism destination in the near future. Because Turkey has the highest number of  JCI accreditation amongst other countries. Turkey provides high-tech health care to  thousands of patients from Europe and other countries each month. Turkish and foreign students receive education with success in approximately 60 international medical faculties. Turkey provides a safe and dynamic environment to patients by its cities according to their cultural prosperity Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia. Therefore, numerous flights are available to every direction worldwide. Turkey has achieved a high comfort and qualified health standards according to the integration process of  European Union. Turkey is mostly preferred in health tourism according to its consistent prices and quality services. Turkey country provides health services by its accredited hospitals which have world-class infrastructure and modern technology.

health turkeyTurkey is preferred as a country for investment and production by the world renown pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson and Johnson, Sanofi-Aventis, Merck, Novartis, Roche and Astra Zeneca. Turkey provides confidence in the supply of blood with its high standard foundation KIZILAY which is accredited. Losses which can arise from defects are minimized by compulsory medical professional insurance that are provided to doctors. Many of the hospitals in Antalya have JCI certificate. Assist organizations in Antalya(Health in Antalya) prefer to cooperate with hospitals which have JCI accredition (

Antalya is the tourism capital of Turkey. It has received 10 million tourists in 2009. Antalya is among the stars of the future world by its many tourism choices and the increasing number of tourists each year.

The city has named  "Pamphylia" as “the land of the all hordes” in the past. Many civilizations has lived through since first century BC. The city has played  an important role for the civilizations at that times.

Antalya is always worth seeing for tourists due to its historical background. The city offers historical excursions  which are quite different experiences for tourists.The city is amongst the foremost cities worldwide by its 350 km. coastline extending from Alanya to Kalkan. 250 km of this coastline are filled with touristic resorts.

Antalya is also a coastal city. Konyaalti Coastline is located in Antalya which is one of the longest coastline worldwide by its 10 km. length several style beaches. You can enjoy the beaches and the sea very well in Konyaalti Coastline. All resorts along the coastline have blue flags which prove the cleanliness of the sea concretely.There is absolutely no problem about hotel accommodation for visitors in Antalya. More than 200  five star hotels are available in Antalya. The airport is only 20 km away from the city center which is approximately 20-25 minutes. There is only one and big assist organization in Antalya which is work for all kind of treatments. They give guarantee and really care about your treatment. You can get more information from Health in Antalya web page.