there is only a smallish stone beach  (free) in kalkan with the mountains all around sliding straight into the sea. the locals have got round this problem by building platforms out over the sea -or cut into the rock- on which to arrange parasols and sun loungers. each area being grouped around a bar/cafe and called a beach club.  each has a different feel to it and all have steps,diving platforms into the sea and showers.. 

(7TL for two sunbeds & a parasol on Kalkan beach - June 2013).

starting from the most westerly-

kalkan beach club is the oldest and it shows. loungers are free but it is very run down and the water slide is lethal!!. ends up in shallow water with rocks -so teenagers endup with bleeding and bruised shins. a child going down head first doesn't bear thinking about. so it is a club to avoid unless your villa is right next to it!

mahal beach club is charming, quiet, more expensive- has couple of canoes, and a dinghy .  (30TL for two sunbeds & a parasol - June 2014)

Palm beach club has a great deck for relaxing or jumping off! Sea trampoline, diving platform, great food, excellent service and very friendly staff.  (17TL for two sunbeds & a parasol - June 2013)

patara prince beach club is larger again more expensive but well cared for. 

round in the next bayis kalamar beach club - busy but well organised. sea trampoline and pedaloes.

small free ferries go to mahal and kalkan from the harbour.  kalamar sends a taxi shuttle for you - free from some hotels.  there are several other clubs more seem to get carved out each year. 

water sports - ringos, sofas, bananas etc are available atthem all - fiercesomely expensive 80 ytl per 15 mins per person?  kalamar also does diving.  

Just to clarify, it is not expensive to hire the inflatables, the price of watersports in Kalkan is still cheaper than all of Europe (including the UK). Also in Turkey petrol is very expensive they pay more than in the UK. Prices are 35TL per person per ride on a inflatable. Not 85TL as previously mentioned. Waterski, Wakeboarding, Mono are all 70TL Jetskis vary - between 85 & 95TL (that also depends on the quality of the Jetski). If you want safety and quality you have to pay for it.