The resort Kusadasi is pricier than other resorts - this is because the cruise ships for trips to Ephesus dock here. It's especially expensive on the street directly opposite the dock.

Toilets are plentiful & pretty clean - cost about 50 cents to 75 cents - sometimes they have run out of loo roll (toilet paper) - so take a few tissues with you.

Shopping in Turkey

They will try and entice you into the shop with any way possible.  The best way to get past the shops without getting the usual tirade is to ignore them. This may seem harsh, but that is what the locals do (although the Turks do not try it with their own countryfolk!). Showing a bit of knowledge into their langauge by saying "Hayir, teshekkurler" (no thanks) or a good one is "chock saolun" whilst putting your right hand over your heart is a "no thanks," and does work - think it means no thanks in a shopper's way!

While you are shopping in those shops you do want to look at - you will get exactly 8 seconds before you get a "can I help you" from the assistant.  Telling them you are just browsing does not work (you can still try to say "Sadeje bakiyorum" (I am only looking/browsing) they will keep talking, which Is off-putting, and can drive you back out of the shops. The Turks will never learn this will they?

A way of getting around this is to look in shops where there are already tourists in there browsing & buying, so you get left alone as they are busy.  Or, if your hubby wants to look, ladies, plant yourself between the assistant heading over your way and your hubby, and so he talks to the person not looking, and they get left in peace to browse.

There have been big changes over the last year. There are new local bylaws that prevent street hassling.  For example, one of the main tourist restaurants had their trading license revoked for 3 days in peak season as a punishment. People on the whole are sweet, helpful and friendly, but it can be hard separating someone wanting you in a shop from general, true interest in you & yours. 

Things to Buy (or not to Buy)

If you want a fake anything, this is a good place.  There are lots of choices, but bear in mind that a fake watch will not last long, the battery will probabaly need replacing pretty soon, and fake sunglasses may ruin your eyes, as they are just brown plastic without any sun protection (no polarisation, CE mark, Ultra violet protection etc). No matter what they say, they are in no way real, are made in China, so buyer, beware.

There are a lot of leather shops, cheap t-shirt shops, and some good cotton product shops, although Markets may be the best place to buy these.

If you are interested in those stuffed fur cats, donkeys etc., think about it a little more and examine them closely - they may are made from the pelts of  real cat skins. If you are not in favor of this practice, you may want to pass on them.  Also bear in mind you may not want to not buy Coral jewellery or items made with real tortoisehell, etc. The market created by these purchases can cause a great deal of damage to these resources.

Getting in & around Kusadasi

The dolmus picks you up & drops you off where you want.  The price is clearly marked, but have smaller change for the poor bloke!  Taxis  are getting more expensive because of the price of petrol - but are very good if you are happy with the price - either negotiate a price before getting in, or make sure the meter is reset when you get in.  Prices skyrocket after midnight, so find out when your last dolmus is leaving to your area.