Marmaris is a great place for shopaholics. Just note that 90% of what is on offer are fake designer items and some are better quality than others. So not that so called official Levis shop or Benetton shop is very unlikely to be the real thing.

The Bazaar is the main shopping area but be warned, you will be hassled by people working in the shops who will invite you in or offer you tsweet ea. Sometimes you have to be a bit firm with them when you are not interested. It can be hard to escape but do not be bullied into buying something you do not want.

Markets come to Marmaris usually 2 days a week. They mostly sell the same things as the bazaar: bags, jewellery, shoes, clothes, accessories, watches, tablecloths etc. There are a lot of leather shops in the bazaar as well. Leather goods such as a jacket can be worth buying as long as you barter a good deal because they are of excellent quality.

The best way to get great value for money is to buy a lot in the one shop/stall. You can really bargain them down and get things dirt cheap. Also, the shopkeepers always remember you and are very welcoming and generous if you come back for more.

The goods may be cheap but that does not mean they are all bad quality. Prices in Marmaris are going up from year to year but of course are still considerably cheaper than Ireland or the UK.

The trip to Rhodes is well worth it for the shopping there. You can get some beautiful pieces of art and unusual souvenirs. Again its worth haggling there as well.

The main tips would be:

  • do not be afraid to haggle
  • go back to the same shops if you like what you got
  • do not get pushed into buying something you do not want
  • pack a half empty suitcase because by the time you're leaving you'll need it
  • try to learn a bit of Turkish
  • be friendly. they are not pushy they are trying to make a living