The United Arab Emirates is a state with huge differences between rich and poor. Approximately 20% of the population are Emirati National citizens. Approximately 8% are "westerners" employed in management. The remaining are foreign workers - mostly south Asians - working in constuction and hospitality. Many Dubai workers reside in Sharjah due to the lower rents and spend their half day off around Rolla Square where, you can have a nice dish of curry for about $2, complete with water, nan bread and salad. That's about a tenth of the price in Dubai.

Around Rolla there is an abundance of shops, phone shops and restaurants. 

Sharjah is more conservative than Dubai. Woman should be aware to keep their shoulders covered and not to wear short skirts and don't kiss in the street or anywhere public.

As a 'dry' Emirate where there is no alcohol served in public places, you will have to venture to Dubai or Ajman for that, or bring your own duty free.

Sharjah has some wonderful architecture and cultural sights. Visit Cultural Roundabout or the Blue Souk where you can barter for local wares, silver and gold jewellery,pashminas,carpets,shisha pipes and Arabic lanterns plus much more..