The best way to see the city might be on foot, and Da Nang is generally small enough that you can see most of the historic sights on foot, while using the city’s taxis to get around. Cabs can generally be found at the larger hotels, but check to see if the driver is licensed. Insurance is not mandatory in Vietnam, and few drivers have any insurance, so use your best judgment. Be sure to confirm the fare prior to beginning your trip.

The alternative method of getting around is the crowded city buses. But you should be mindful of your possessions while traveling on the buses, and ask your hotel about routes. The fare information, schedules and routes are poorly marked, and the bus service is only

Rental cars are also available, but far less available in Da Nang than in Hanoi. Consult with your hotel, as many resorts and larger hotels have actually cars for rent. You may have to buy a local license, or at least will be told that one is required. Watch for pedestrians, motorcycles and bicycles, as all will believe they have the right of way in town, and certainly in the rural countryside.