Travelers should be aware that the area of Almaty is known for having extreme temperatures. The summers are hot and the winters are freezing. For this reason, if travelers can make the trip to Almaty during the mid-seasons of spring and fall, they are likely to have the best experience of the weather of the area, at least temperature wise.  If travelers can’t travel during those months, they should know that, in terms of worldwide averages, Almaty is less extreme during the summer than during the winter.

The average summer high temperature in Almaty is in the nineties (32C). The nights tend to be cool so that offers a reprieve from the daytime highs. However, the difference in temperature between night and day can be uncomfortable for some people. The average winter high temperature is only about fifteen degrees (-9C) and it gets about thirty degrees colder (-26) than that during the nighttime.

Travelers who enjoy skiing will find that there are plenty of opportunities to do so since it tends to snow from approximately November through April. However, precipitation is low during the winter months and snow levels are generally fairly low even in the middle of winter. Snow cannons have now been installed at Chimbulak and this should make the skiing conditions there more reliable than they have been in the past.

The season just after the snow is when the rains tend to be strongest. Detailed information about the climate of Almaty can be accessed online at .