Malaysia has a coastline that stretches close to 5,000 kilometers long, which is home to the major wetlands called mangroves. Mangroves are swamp forests that grow in saline coastal habitats and serve the environment by protecting it from erosion and weathering. Mangroves are both beautiful components of the Malaysian environment as well as important contributers to the economy. It’s possible to experience the wonderful mangroves and other aspects of Malaysian nature from an interesting perspective. Mangrove forest cruises take tourists through the limestone caves and expose visitors to the various exotic wildlife that live along the river. These cruises are also educational, and teach about the different purposes of mangroves, like the fact that they burn mangrove wood to create charcoal. Oftentimes, these cruises will bring customers to an eagle feeding session, where they are able to feed and interact with Langkawi’s famous brown eagles.