Dont get me wrong -  actually enjoyed the day - but in that very Malaysian way nothing was quite what it seemed and it would have been good to know how it works before the start.

Padas river is a long way from KK.  It is a very long day.

Padas river has a couple of good rapids and about 1 hour of ok rafting. However - you need to make sure that you are prepared for 13 hours of travelling for 1 hour of rafting.

 On the other hand - there is a really jungle train ride through the jungle along the gorge - both ways and that makes up for it.

 Basically - the way that it works is as follows :

1 From KK to Tenom it is 3 hours. You have to be there by 12:00 as the train leaves shortly after. The train will be packed with rafter. The train trip is about 45 minutes down the valley and is fun. 

At Pangi Stesen, after the Dam, there are all the rafting companies. There is a quick (but up to international standards) briefing and then it is into the river. There is no time for food and if you like your lunch then you will be hungry by now.

 There is about 7 KM of rafting with a couple of Grade 3's and maybe one 4 if you are lucky - although the river was lowish when  was there so it maybe better at other times. There are some good swimming rapids.

After about one hour - you come to the lunch place (another station I cannot remember the name) - there was a good lunch.

After lunch - do not beleive any talk of more rafting or going to Beaufort - we were put straight on the train back to Tenom and I saw no sign that this is in anyway unusual. Then it is three to four hours back to KK (for some reason  our bus took a longer route on the way back.