Belle Mare, located on the island of Mauritius, is in the grouping of Mascanene Islands located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa.  The islands have throughout their history been governed by several European nations including Portugal, who claims to have discovered them in the 16th Century, The Netherlands, France, and England, but it is Belle Mare's French name which has prevailed, meaning "beautiful sea".   The people of Belle Mare are from multicultural backgrounds including Africa, India, Asia and various European ancestries.  The region's food also reflects these influences, being a mixture of Indian, Chinese, and African cooking styles.  The island of Mauritius is also the only known habitat of the now extinct dodo bird. 

Belle Mare is today mainly a beach resort area, attracting visitors from Europe and Asia because of it's tropical year-round climate.  It's warm waters and coral reefs are perfect for scuba diving and other water sports.  Belle Mare is also considered to be a good destination for families with a number of different activities for both children and adults at its resorts.