Taros, 2 Rue du Skala: Trendy rooftop bar just off the main square and overlooking the port and the sea. Great for drinks (and a bit of posing) anytime, fabulous lunches in the sunshine. Dinner is mostly downstairs indoors. Not budget.

Cinq: Chic restaurant, fabulous food, nice ambience. Not budget.

Le Patio, 28 bis Rue Moulay Rachid: Happening restaurant, great fish, beautiful people especially the waitresses. Not budget .

Ferdaous, 27 Rue Abdesslam Lebadi: Delicious Moroccan food with an original twist, very good quality and good value.

La Licorne, 26 Rue de la Scala: Very African ambience, delicious mostly Moroccan food. Medium priced.

Ocean Vagabond Beach Bar: Outside the medina quite a way along the beach beside kite surfing operation. Open all day, great for cafe fare and informal lunch and brilliant for sun bathing as its sheltered Fair value.

8KM: As the name suggests, 8km outside of Essaouira, beautiful court yard,fabulous lunch. Not budget.

Fish stalls by the port: Freshly caught fish, simple and delicious. Excellent value


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