Bars, pubs, and clubs

There are quite a few bars all over the city. One thing to remember is to get there early because all of them closes at 2am. The main streets that has a lot of bars and pub strips are at Obrero St., Rizal St., Damosa Gateway, and Matina. Just hail up a cab and tell the cab driver to drive you to any of these streets and voila! Taxis are really safe in Davao. All bars are almost the same in price range, just pick one. After you've had enough to drink there are some street vendors outside that usually serve up soups and noodles, depending on your immune system please exercise caution.

Prices: Drinks vary from Php60- Php5,000

Food: Php200-Php500 

Note: Davao is a smoke-free zone so you can't just smoke anywhere. There are designated smoking areas