Centrally located on Nevskiy Prospekt, Dom Knigi is a massive bookstore with an excellent section for travelers.

In fact now there are two shops called Dom Knigi at Nevsky prospect: the first and the best is located at the corner of Nevsky prospect and Griboedov channel in front of Kazansky cathedral. It`s a beautiful ex-Zinger house. Back in the day a famous producer of sewing machines, Zinger decided to built a skyscraper right in the centre of St. Peterbsurg. But according to the local law, not a single building could be higher than the Hermitage. Zinger agreed to make it lower, but ordered to put a glass dome on top so that it looked a little bit more like a skyscraper. The seamstresses occupied the house causing many an accident on Nevsky prospect as the drivers got carried away by the view of charming girls in full skirts seen through huge windows.

The second one is located also at Nevsky prospect in front of Catherine`s garden and near "Avrora" cinema.

As you enter, to your right you will find a section with books in English, French, German, and other languages. There are plenty of postcards, souvenir picture books of the city, calendars, pocket city guide books, even Russian greeting cards. Other sections include children section (in Russian, of course) where one might pick up a small book for an elementary sampling of Cyrillic, the Russian alphabet. The normal section of the bookstore is, of course, all in Russian but very diverse and can serve as a means of exploring culture a little more--for instance, when there, why not pick up a copy of Crime and Punishment in Dostoyevsky's native language? There are English speaking workers in the tourist section, and a few scattered throughout the rest of the store who are all willing to help if you seek it.