Visitors to the city of Guilin have numerous options for getting around, which include by train, bus, taxi, car, and bicycle.

            Much of China is connected by a vast network of railways.  Although this is not an option for getting around the city, it is a good way to get from Guilin to many locations throughout China.  For more information, check out this Guilin Train Schedule.

            There are two bus stations in the city of Guilin.   The old railway station in the west is the place to go for destinations in and around Guilin .   The new intercity station (located in the city center) is the hub for travel throughout the rest of China.

            Taxis are widely available throughout Guilin, and they are a great means of transportation.  Taxis can be found on the sides of major roads, but the best places to look are major public areas such as airports, train and bus stations, and outside of major hotels.   

            Obtaining a rental car is possible in Guilin, but not recommended.  Before considering this option, visit this Driving in China page.  Not only do foreigners find it extremely hectic driving in China, but also, a Chinese driver’s license is required.  The better option is to rent a car along with a personal driver. 

            Biking is a great way to explore the city of Guilin.   For more information, visit the Tourist Information Center in town, or ask your local hotel.