Sapporo is a relatively new city by Japanese standards, so it does not have the type of ancient cultural and historical attractions that you will find in many other cities in Japan. However, there are many unique things about Sapporo that you should keep in mind when traveling to the capital of the Hokkaido Island. First of all, tourists (including Japanese ones) usually feel obliged to visit the clock tower, the oldest building in the city, and take a picture there, despite the museum within being quite disappointing.

Sapporo is most known globally for its Sapporo Breweries beer, and the Sapporo Beer Garden is the perfect place to try out all the drinks the place has to offer. Be aware, though, that the atmosphere is quite rowdy and things can get messy.

Other types of culinary delicacies exist as well. Try the hairy crab, available from most seafood restaurants, or the miso ramen, a cheap but filling noodle dish. Those with a sweet tooth should sample the Shiroi Koibito, or White Lover. This dessert is a special type of white chocolate wafer sandwich, readily available from almost any souvenir shop in the area.