Shopping for women between 25-35 :)

There are many malls in Sapporo, but the shopping (for women's clothes/accessories/beauty products) around JR Tower/train station is better than around the Odori area. Recommended shopping centres: Stellar Place, Paseo.  Higher quality mid-range shopping, less generic than the shopping around Odori (Pole Town, Mitsukoshi, etc).

You can shop from a good selection of Hokkaido foodstuff and souvenirs at the tourist office at the Sapporo JR station (assuming you want to buy and pack into your luggage). Otherwise the shopping at Chitose Airport is great (though if you have checked in your luggage, you will have to handcarry the shopping. There is a "Sweets/Confectionery" shopping zone in Chitose airport where there are rep shops from the "famous" dessert shops in Hokkaido eg. cream puffs from Kitakaro and cheesecakes from Le Tao (both of which are famous confectioneries in Otaru). If you like good-quality Hokkaido crafts, there is a very nice shop at Chitose Airport near the "Sweets/Confectionery" shopping area.  

You can find Anna Sui leg warmers (Daimaru), Korean accessories (nice shop called Emporium at Paseo), horse oil soap bar (from the tourist office at Sapporo JR station), dresses and bags from shops in Paseo (look for Made in Japan label - more expensive than the ubiquitous Made in China stuff but quality is so much better), interesting French lip balms and Masala Chai chocolate bars from higher-end lifestyle/pharmacies in Paseo/Stellar Place. There is also a chain store called "AXES FEMME" in Paseo - girly, slight Lolita style. They even have children's clothes.

Japan is still in recession so second hand shops are common. In Tanukikoji (the pedestrianised shopping strip), there are some second hand shops. Yun Yun has some nice stuff. They even have a Lolita section. You can check out this link:

Food-wise: Picchu (hole-in-the-wall omakase Italian) rocks, and Afternoon Tea cafe (branches at Mitsukoshi and Daimaru) : desserts are okay, but the winter special ed pasta is brilliant!

Enjoy :)