Which airport, where are they?

There are 2 passenger airports for Kuala Lumpur.  KUL is the airport code for both KLIA1 and KLIA2 located at Sepang, and SZB is the code for Subang Airport / Skypark Terminal ( Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport ) which once was the international airport until KLIA opened. 


KUL [ TERMINAL KLIA1 / KLIA2 ] is 40-60 minutes / 50 km south from Kuala Lumpur

Subang is 30 minutes / 26km west of Kuala Lumpur. 

KLIA1 / KLIA2 is 55 km from Subang airport.


It takes around 45 minutes to get from KUL to SZB directly between the two airports.

The easiest method is to get a taxi door to door, and the rate is currently 75myr for a compact budget taxi and 105myr for a roomier premier taxi.

You can take buses or trains between the two airports, but you would need to transit via the city, so whilst it would be cheaper, you would need to allow a longer 2-3 hours transfer.  

Malaysia Airlines and other full service carriers such as Emirates or Eithad, and then Australian budget carrier Jetstar Asia fly in and out of KLIA1 terminal at KUL.

Air Asia and other budget carriers such as Tiger Air, Tigerair Mandala, Cebu Pacific, Lion Air and Malindo** fly in and out of KLIA2 terminal at KUL.

** NOTE All Malindo Air using jet / B737 aircraft to international or to Malaysian Borneo (East Malaysia states of Sabah and Sarawak) destinations as well as flights to Langkawi and Penang operate out of KLIA2

Firefly, Berjaya Air and Malindo* Air fly in and out of SZB.

* NOTE All Malindo Air using turboprop ATR aircraft and are to destinations on the Malay Peninsular or very close, such as Batam, Indonesia; Singapore and Hat Yai, Thailand operate out of SZB.  



KUL is fully Civilian usage and but may be used by VIP flights.  SZB is dual civilian/military usage, being the main air base in the country and flight delays or interruptions may occur due to military flights or VIP flights.



KUL at Sepang = KLIA1 and KLIA2 terminals, it is only 1 airport and has been the main international airport since 1998 and is the home of Malaysia airlines and Air Asia.  The majority of tourists and travellers will use the 2 terminals at this airport.

SZB at = Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport aka Subang [International] Airport aka Skypark Terminal.  Was the international airport from 1965 to 1998 when it had 3 terminals in use, only T3 is now in use and renamed as the Subang Skyway terminal.  It is the home of FireFlyz and Berjaya Air, flying mainly intra-peninsular Malaysian routes and short routes into neighbouring Thailand / Indonesia

Simpang Airport aka Sungai Besi Airport was the international airport until 1965 when Subang took over the international mantel.  It no longer has an IATA code.  It is now Simpang Air Force Base and the home of Royal Selangor Flying Club, and some emergency services until the price of land will mean it is closed.