The first thing that visitors should know about traveling to Seychelles is that all travelers must have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of travel. However, asides from that, visas are not required and instead, visitors will receive a Visitor’s Permit valid for one month is issued on arrival at the airport. This permit can be renewed for three months at no cost.



The Seychelles currency is the Rupee (SR). However, foreign exchange regulations make visitors to pay for most of their goods and services, including hotels, car hire, guided tours and scuba diving, in foreign currency, such as US Dollars or Euros. Also, credit cards are generally accepted. One may not even borrow exchanging rupees since they can only be used in local shops, markets, and bars.



Seychelles is generally very safe, though crime is not unknown.


Though the tap water in Seychelles meets World Health Organisation standards, most visitors prefer to drink bottled water just to be safe. Also, before eating fruit and vegetables, visitors should peel them.