..... or Ramazan (as they say in Turkey)

Ramazan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and is the month of fasting and prayer.  Ramazan starts from the first sighting of the new moon on the ninth month and moves forward by 10 or 11 days each year.

All healthy Muslims are expected to fast during this period during the hours of daylight.  The elderly, children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and those who are sick or mentally ill are exempt from fasting.

At the end of the day the fast is broken by the Iftar, this is a time when families get together to eat a special meal.

At the end of the month of Ramazan there is a three day feast, known in Turkey as the şeker bayram (sugar festival), which is a time for celebration and feasting, it is also a bank holiday in Turkey.

If you are staying in Gumbet or any of the other resorts you will notice very little difference to your holiday during the month of Ramazan, some of the resort workers will be fasting but others wont.  You may hear a cannon go off at sunset if you are in Bodrum and if you eat at a local Turkish restaurant at the time of sunset you will see lots of Turkish families out eating and there will be a festive atmosphere.  During the şeker bayram children are normally given sweets and chocolates so if you are on holiday with your children they may be given these at restaurants or shops.  During this four day holiday the banks and post office will be closed.  Everything else will just carry on as normal though