In its own way, the very history of Arlington developed due to shopping needs. Originally built up as Johnson Station, an important trading post, Arlington has only continued to grow since. With the addition of Six Flags in 1961, Arlington has become very popular with tourists and its population has continued to sprout; shopping therefore is also an attraction, the city is full of malls and great boutiques.

Lincoln Square Shopping Center and Arlington Parks Mall are two of the larger malls where you can go to get a large variety of stores all under one roof. But, for more specialized shopping, Arlington definitely has its local flavors. Art, antiques, and Western wear are among the top unique shopping sprees you may want to engage it.

Arlington is full of art galleries, you can try the Dillon Gallery on Division Street, the Frontier Gallery and the Upstairs Gallery both on Abram, or the Schaefer Art Bronze Sculpting on Collins Street, to name a few.

Antique shops also run rampant in Arlington. A good place to start your journey for antiques is at the Antique Sampler and Tea House on Lamar Road or the Antique Marketplace of Arlington on Park Row.

As for Western Wear, ask locals what their favorites are and to start off, head to the Western Warehouse on Centennial Drive.