Located in east Texas, Athens is a charming city whose claim to fame are three:  The home of the Black Eyed Pea Festival, the Annual Fiddler's Reunion and the plaec where the hamburger was first invented!


The last friday and Saturday in May bring fiddlers from all over the united states to the city's main square where for a few days one might imagine themselves in a Norman Rockwell painting!  All around the courthouse, on lush lawns under towering magnolia trees, you can brinng a lawnchair or blanket and listen to the best fiddlin' in the world! Vendors set up around the square and even a street dance is included in the festivities!  The folks who live in Athens are gracious and welcoming people who invite visitors into their community with open arms.


The East Texas Arboretum, the Fish Hatchery and spectacular Christmas decorations are yet other reasons to visit Athens. With rolling hills and untouched beauty, Athens stands at the crossroads of East Texas and charms the visitor. With proximity to the famed Colin Street Bakery in Corsicana and close to the city of Tyler with it's malls and restaurants, one cannot want in Athens. Hotels are reasonable and food is plentiful. But mostly the embrace one receives in Athens is what will be the stuff of memories