The performing arts scene in Manaus is not a large one.  There are not many venues or professional performing groups in this small town.  However, there are local performing arts activities which take place at the various events and festivals in the area throughout the year.  These small, sometimes impromptu, dance and music performances offer an excellent look in to the local culture.

There is one quality performing arts venue in the area, the Teatro Amazonas, sometimes called the Opera House.  This theater is recognized less for its performances than for the beauty of the venue itself.  Its notable trait is the mosaic dome sitting atop the structure which is decorated in the colors of the Brazilian flag.  This dome is made up of over 25.000 painted ceramic tiles.

The inside of the venue is just as striking.  The stage curtain, which rises vertically, is painted with a famous Parisian painting and the ceiling of the building is decorated with paintings as well.  Within this beautiful setting, visitors can watch various opera, dance and theatre performances throughout the season.

Additional information about the venue can be obtained online at .   The official website ( ) for the venue is another great resource, although it seems to run only sporadically.