Parati has a tropical climate with hot, humid summers which last from December to March and temperate, pleasant winters from June to September. The only fetter to one’s explorations may be the rain (which keeps those rain forests Brazil is famous for as lush as they are). Rain tends to be short intense showers in the summer and long drizzly showers in the winter. One should pack rain-proof clothes just to be safe because it can rain at anytime. Since Parati is close to mountains, the temperatures there are much cooler than other parts of the Brazil and there is less of a dry season. Regardless, the temperature in Parati is ideal all-year round, ranging from 64F - 80F.

Weather-wise, one can travel to Parati at any time. However, since its festivals are such an important part of its identity, one might want to consider coming during one of the festivities. For instance, Carnival is an excellent time to visit Paraty. However, prices are noticeably more expensive. Also, one should note that in the summer months, it is high season in Parati. At this time, the weather is hotter, there are more people filling the beaches and most hotels are more expensive.