The beauty of Natal is that here the sun shines all year but the heat is also assuaged by the alisium winds. Thus the temperature remains around 75 to 95 degrees throughout the year. Brazilian summer lasts from 22 Dec - 21 March, Fall is from 21 March - 22 June, Winter is from 22 June - 22 September and Spring is from 22 September – December.  

In the colder winter season, average temperature in Natal is about 75o F. From March to July, there is sometimes rain in Natal. Also, thunders and bolts are rare in Natal. Bolts are electric discharges, caused by the friction between masses of hot and cold air (this contact causes the hot air to condensate, becoming rain drops). In Natal, the rainy clouds are formed far into the Atlantic, and then move towards the continent. Because Natal is near the Equatorial Line, the sun at midday will be right overhead nearly every day of the year. Since the weather is fairly ideal all year round, there are little restrictions on when to go. Natal is now trying to increase recognition and tourism to its beaches and vicinity and the hotels are accommodating all year long. Natal is famous for not celebrating Carnival, therefore it is a good place to visit if one is trying to escape the debauchery in other parts of Brazil. Also, during Carnatal, which is Natal’s own off-season Carnival, hotels book fast and there are huge crowds throughout town.