If flying in, one will arrive at the Airport Augusto Severo, which is new and modern. The airport is located in another city, called Parnamirim. Getting to and from the airport is not easy or cheap, so it is recommended to fix arrangemenets before arriving in the airport. If one is intent on renting a car, it is advised to choose a company that allows travelers to pick a car up at the airport but return the car at another destination.Upon arrival, one should be aware that the Federal Police will look at one’s passport and customs will do a brief bag check. Also, it is helpful to know there is a tourist office at the airport, where representatives speak English and provide free materials and maps.   

Travelers should expect a 15 and 25 km drive to get into Natal. At Natal there is no cheap shuttle service between the airport and the city and taxis are expensive. For instance, to Ponta Negra, a special taxi with air conditioning costs about R$40 (in Brazil, Riel is used) while a normal taxi costs about R$30 (according to the fare meter). If one has little luggage, speaks some Portuguese, an option is to take a cheaper bus ride from the front of the airport into the core of the city. These bus tickets cost R$2 and drops one off at Natal Shopping Center.

If one is traveling into Natal by bus, the station is called Rodoviaria Cidade do Sol. This bus station is depart point for buses to several cities in Rio Grande do Norte and several states in Brazil.