There is no obvious seasonal difference in Lijiang at all. Anytime is a good time to travel to Lijiang. The raining season is from June to October. But don’t get discouraged.  It is the best time for mushrooms!!! Yunnan is the plant kingdom of China. There are all kinds of delicious wild mushrooms here. They simply don’t grow anywhere else.  

Temperature difference is quite huge in LiJiang during the day. So make sure you bring enough clothing. At least a wool sweater is strongly recommended. If it is the rainy season, bring a rain jacket. The average temperate for the entire year is between 12 to 20 Celsius. Because the weather does not change much, most of the places don’t have air condition units or heating systems. So can occasionally you can expect to get very hot or cold.

 Due to the high altitude, the sun can be very strong here, even in winter.  Therefore, make sure you take a good sun hat, sun cream and most importantly, lip balm (which doesn't seem to be readily available locally).  Pack layers as whilst the night time can be cool (or if you are visiting in the winter,below freezing and very cold), in the day, the temperature can be 15 to 20 degrees and feel very warm.

Sometime it snows in the winter. There is always snow on the “Jade Dragon Snow Mountain”.