Staying in West End is a unique and very satisfying experience. Think of it as a Club Med without the fence to keep the customers in! In fact your room will likely be closer to the beach, dive shops and restaurants than you might be in an all inclusive resort.


West End is about Scuba Diving. Shallow table reef, leading to deep walls have something to offer for everyone from the world traveled U/W photographer, to the first time snorkelers. Shallow nurseries chock full of juvenile animals to deep sea critters and ancient corals are all only a few fin kicks away from shore.


But West end is also about community. Before the recent arrival of tourists it was a quiet little fishing village. Today interspersed amongst the hotels, restaurants and dive shops live dozens of local families and ex-pats, each with an interesting tale to tell.  


If that weren’t enough, tack on the most vigorous bar scene in Central America . One of the prettiest beaches you will ever see on half Moon Bay . Cuisine from around the world served with an island flare at table with a million dollar view. Hoarse back Riding, Scooter Rentals, Deep Sea Fishing or Zip lines its all here waiting for you.