For ease of understanding this article converts the Thai bat currency to £ sterling.

Keep in mind that there are honest bike hire businesses in Koh Tao, but there is also a scam being run by many bike shops that you should be aware of:

They take your passport as deposit and get you to sign a rental agreement and act nice so you trust them and give them your passport to be able to rent a bike.

If you have even a minor accident scratching the bike even a little bit, you could find yourself paying a high price for damages (£200-£500) that they may not repair and for scratches that were there before you hired the bike.

You can try to visit other bike shops to see if they will repair and scratches or damage, but there seems to be an unwritten a rule amongst the bike industry on the island that no one will repair a hire bike except the original hirer.

If you get the police invovled and manage to negotiate it down, you could still end up paying £125 for something that would probably only cost them £10 to fix. They could refuse to return your passport unless you pay up.

Don't hire a bike unless you have to; don't leave your passport with them; try not to hire a pristine-looking bike. Shop around for an honest-dealing bike hire.