Lagos can get to you. So it is great to discover a little nature reserve just outside town on the Lekki Express way at Chevron roundabout. It is easy to miss, but just slow down after the roundabout and take the first turn to your right. entrance fee is NGN 500 and you enter an area of peace and tranquility. An area of 78 ha has been set aside to preserve the mangrove swamps that were once all over Lagos. The place is well maintained, clean and filled with monkeys, turtles, birds and allegedly small crocs.

Leading away from the centre is a walk way of some 2km, much of it on a boardwalk talking you trough the swamp. There are several hides, and observation points as well as a tree house which is not for the faint hearted though. It is hard to believe one is in Lagos when all around the monkeys are playing. Great trip for the family, although come early in the day as it can get quite sticky in the forest.

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