There are many sights to take in while you are in Kandy. Exploring the unique history and the beautiful culture here is a real treasure. The Buddhist temples and shrines, the gorgeous surrounding nature, and historical museums are all a part of what you can experience while enjoying this Sri Lankan city.

The most impressive and popular attraction in Kandy is the Dalada Maligawa or the " Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic". Relinquished by Buddhists around the world as it is home to one of the very few remains of Buddha himself, as can be guessed, a tooth. Historically an important place politically as well, the King used this site for his speeches on many occasions. The site also has a museum, the Dalada Museum is full of more artifacts for you to discover and learn more about the rituals and religion that play in with the temple.

The Gangarama Vihara itself is a house, but what is more of interest here is the giant Buddha statue cared out of rock that sits within the house's surroundings. The shrine is decorated intricately and covered with murals that tell ancient stories.

Another temple of interest is the Hindagala Vihara which has murals an architecture dating back from the 7th century.

The Botanical Gardens are world class. So many different genus, many very unusual trees and a lovely walk in very pleasant, clean, green surroundings. Admission is 1100SLR which is well worth it.