A big part of Bocas Town beauty happens underwater. It is no surprise that the town's main sports are Scuba diving and snorkeling. Travelers will find a diverse flora and fauna distinctive to this region. The coral reef that surrounds the islands makes snorkeling a fascinating experience. Divers won't be let down as they explore the spots where shipwrecks lay.

In town, there are several shops where divers  and snorkelers can hire instructors and boats as well as all the equipment needed to go underwater. There are places where you can rent one and two-man kayaks if you prefer to do it by yourself.

One of the most popular providers of Scuba and snorkelinggear is Boca Water Sports on Main Street, Bocas Town. This company, first  PADI Gold Palm Resort in Panama, organize tours to areas surrounding Bocas Town for snorkeling, cave diving or swimming. You can stop by their website at http://bocaswatersports.com for details about the services that they provide.

Expect to come across some bottlenose dolphins while snorkeling or diving.

 If you're an experienced snorkeler, you may prefer to get your own gear and find a private spot to explore. Take a water taxi to the Red Frog Marina ($5/person or $7 roundtrip) and cross the island to the beach. Continue along the coastline to the right, past the Lava Lounge restaurant,to the trail to the left uphill. Continue down among the Red Frog Resort lots for sale, into open dirt road that is hot and usually crossed via golf cart. Continue walking until you reach the end of the road and cut down to the beach. There are a few small islands off shore. If you walk down the beach, cut up into the woods once, and you will arrive at a private cove where you can stash your belongings in the trees and kick out to the islands. Large cavernous reefs provide rigose shelter for enormous Midnight and Rainbow parrotfish. Follow schools of blue tang among the sparse seafans, and find octopi in the rocks. Coral boulders are up to 20 feet tall. Some of the canyons sink down into darkness. Very cool free diving. The reef isn't in great health, but it's a good spot for the more adventurous.