Air travel to and from Jaipur, and India in general can be an adventure, to say the least. When arriving and departing, several procedures are required. You have two options for custom clearance when arriving at one of the international airports. If you have no items and possess no more than $2,500 in U.S. currency, you can exit the airport uninhibited. If you are carrying items or more than $2,500, you are required to check in with customs.   

India has several international airports, but the two with the most convenient connecting flights to Jaipur are Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and Mumbai International Airport in Bombay. Eight miles outside of Jaipur is the regional airport of Sanganer, and in-country India Airlines makes daily stops in Jaipur from Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai.  The international terminal of IGNA is new and more modernized than its domestic counterpart, and receives the majority of the country's tourist traffic.

Taxis and car rental services are available to and from the airports, as are bus services. Rajasthan State Roadways Transport is India's bus service and connects all cities, but for safety reasons, taking the bus should be avoided, especially at night. Roads are not well maintained, drivers tend toward recklessness, and traffic is often heavy. 

There is a rail system that services Jaipur and major cities from Delhi. By rail, Jaipur is a good five hours from Delhi. Palace On Wheels is a train service that offers tourist packages that will take you to Jaipur and beyond. 

Upon departure from Jaipur and India, an airport tax must be paid. To speed up the process, consider prepaying this through your travel agent if you have one. Custom clearance is next, where you must declare all valuables you are taking out of the country with you.