Paren - A beautiful destination of Darjeeling and Doors

Amongst the best travelling destinations of West Bengal, Neora Valley National Park is an unavoidable jungle experience that covers one of the remaining pristine heritage forests of India. North bengal has many offbeat destinations that quenches the thirst the true traveler who love to explore the cozi warmth of nature. Apart from the best animal sighting zones of North Bengal Like Gorumara and Lataguri, Neora valley national park is best known for its rich bio-diversity and rhododensron forests. The park adjoins many beautiful cutural destinations like Samsing, Lava, Loleygaon etc, but one more destination that can be the best amongst all other destinations is Paren, which falls under the civil district of Darjeeling and is a part of Jaldhaka river circuit. 

Best things about Paren

 Apart from just the solitude ambience the place is also best for conducting many adventurous activities like river adventure, trekking, rock climing etc. The place provides access to almost all the kind of travelers like cutural enthusiasts, botanical researchers, birds and butterflies, agriculture etc. 

Best places to visit around Paren:

1. Jaldhaka Hydel Project In Bindu( Indo-Bhutan Border)

2. Fishing in Jaldhaka

3. Neora Valley National Park trek from Todey Tangta.

4. Medicinal plants cultivation and proecessing in Cinchona plantation factory (Quinine- Anti-Malarial Drug)

5. Organic tea garden and its processing in Kumai

6. Rubber plantation and its processing in Cinchona

7. Dalgaon view point.

8. Chapramari watch tower booking


Where to stay in Paren?

The best place for accomodation in Paren is a resort that is located inside the orange garden and is surrounded by forests. The name of the resort is Khambuhang Resort. The place also has some home stays. WBFDC also has one of its unit in Paren.