There are number of places where one can have a day or 2 break away from a hectic work life. It all depends from person to person and varies with the interest of people. The list below does not contain an exhaustive list, but it covers the places that can meet your goals for a pleasure\adventure trip.

Common Weekend Breaks

1. Digha
2. Bakhali-Frasergunj
3. Sankarpur
4. Puri
5. Mandarmani
6. Talsari
7. Gopalpur-on-Sea
8. Darjeeling
9. Kalimpong

Digha, Mandarmani and Sankarpur are the 3 beaches nearest to Kolkata. Bakhali is a popular bachlelors outing spot. Talsari was a uncommon destination not long ago, now growing in popularity though.

Picnic Spots

Picnic or commonly known as Charuibhati in bengalli is one such event which each and every bengalli performes at least once in a year during the winter's if not more. Below are some common/uncommon spots which you can definitely try out in the next winters.

1. Garchumuk
2. Gadiyara
3. Sashati
4. Kolaghat
5. Geokhali
6. In some farm house in Duttapukur
7. Baruipur

Adventure Travel

1. Sunderbans
2. Ayodha Hills
3. Joychandi Hills
4. Mukutmanipur
5. Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary
6. Mython Barraige
7. Belpahari
8. Lava-Lolegaon
9. Masanjor


Historical Places

Want to know about the glorious past of Bengal. You can travel to the places below. These are some of the places though not all worth mentioning.

1. Bishnupur
2. Murshidabad
3. Shantiniketan
4. Antpur
5. Gour
6. Guptipara
7. Kalna
8. Dasghara
9. Karnasubarna
10.Bardhaman Rajbari
11.Maishadhal Rajbari

Temples or Pilgrims

1. Tarapith
2. Hansheswari Temple
3. Mayapur
4. Nabadwip
5. Tarakeswar
6. Rajballavi Temple, Rajbalhat
7. Mahesh Jaganath Temple
8. Jairambati-Kamarpukur
9. Bandel Church

 National Park Near to Kolkata

1. Kaziranga National Park

2. Kanha National Park

3. Pench National Park