The city of Melaka was founded in the year 1400 by a Hindu prince, Parameswara, who fled his native Singapore for political reasons.  He began a new settlement in the area, building himself a palace and importing settlers from his home country to populate the town.  Parameswara began trading with China, generating wealth for his new settlement.  In 1414 he married an Indonesian princess and converted to Islam, changing his name to Raja Iskandar Sha.

There is a museum, called the Malacca Sultanate Palace, which showcases the Sultan ruling class family palace, the garden they believe would have existed here during that time and features galleries with historical accounts, stories and other heritage displays, mainly from this era of Melaka's history.  

Raja Iskandar Sha's descendants ruled Melaka for several generations until the Portuguese invaded the area in 1500.  After the invasion, Melaka would come under the rule of Portugal's king for the next few hundred years.  In the 17th Century, after a long series of battles and invasions, Melaka was taken over by the Dutch who held the area until the Napoleonic Wars gave the area over to Britain and the East India Company.  A treaty was eventually reached between England and the Netherlands, dividing Melaka up between them in the 1800's.   

Malaysia finally gained independence from the British in 1957 and is today still an independent nation full of rich resources and tourist attractions.