Don’t expect to hail a taxicab in Tortuguero, but don’t worry about the roads either. This is because there are no roads to the national park. The area is only accessible by plane or boat but numerous tours are available. Thus don’t bother booking a rental car if your visit to Costa Rica is mainly around the area of Tortuguero.

The village area is small, and most of the resorts are quite close, with most of the main accommodations for food or entertainment within walking distance. Of course to see the sights around Tortuguero with its scenic natural beauty, lush tropical rainforest and the various wildlife you’ll need a boat. And the various boats range in size of small canoes that the locals use to larger tour boats.

The main means of transportation on the land is shoe leather, and the alterative is a good sturdy bike. Mountain bikes are available for rent from many of the resorts and they can guide you to the riding trails. Proper attire is recommended, as is at least a bottle of water or more. Peddling through Tortuguero can be grueling and you should be sure to fill up frequently.