Aitutaki is not a place for everyone. If you like busier places like Club Med or Kuta Beach, then chances are that Aitutaki is not a place you will enjoy. There is not a lot of night life on Aitutaki.

On the other hand James Michner, world traveler and author, rates the Aitutaki lagoon as one of the most beautiful in the world. Many world travelers have Aitutaki listed in the top 10 on their bucket list of places to visit. It is like Tahiti was 30 or 40 years ago and Hawaii 80 or 90 years ago.

 There are lots of things to do on Aitutaki. It has become a world destination for kite boarders. If you are a fly fisherman/woman, the lagoon has world record bone fish and 15 kilo Giant Trevaly. There is deep sea fishing, spear fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. As well as just walking along the beach.

Speaking of beaches, the white sand beach on the west side of Aitutaki, stretches for 5 kilometers from the airport runway to the wharf. You can walk this beach any time of day, any day of the year and if you run into more than 10 people it's crowded. There are no beach vendors trying to sell you trinkets, no one twisting your arm to sit down for a 3 hour timeshare sales pitch. It's still pretty much an undiscovered place.

A lagoon tour is a 'must do' activity. There are several vendors, all doing an excellent job. A tour usually lasts most of a day and includes visits to the small islands (motu) encircling the lagoon, snorkeling, a wonderful lunch on one of the motu in a lagoon with colors that aren't on any color chart. You haven't been to Aitutaki if you haven't done a lagoon tour.

There is a large range of accommodation choices ranging from $30NZ to $1800NZ a night. Some places have pretty rigid rack rates others are more flexible. Usually, the longer you stay the more negotiable things are. For example, many of the motor bike and car rental places will offer 7 days for the price of 6.

Aitutaki is a really laid back place. The people are extraordinarily friendly. If you go, you should consider a stay of at least 4 or 5 days. It will take that long to adjust to the pace of the place.

 Lastly, if you run out of things to do on Aitutaki, there is always plenty of nothing to do.