Sunday is considered a day of rest on Aitutaki. There is not a lot of activity. But for the visitor there are still lots of things to do.

Church: A visit to a local church is a must. The oldest church in the Cook Islands is found on Aitutaki, with its foundation laid in 1821. This coral block church was constructed by the London Missionary Society, who first brought Christianity to the Cook Islands.  Today this widespread religion has morphed into the Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC), with its headquaters domiciled within the Cook Islands. There is also a large population of Seventh Day Adventists on the island whose sabbath is observed on a Saturday.  Other religions include Catholic, Latter Day Saints, Assembly of God, Presbyterian, and Jehovah's Witnesses. 

The main CICC church is located near the post office in the main township of Arutanga. It has recently been refurbished and is as beautiful as it was when first built. You should consider attending a Sunday service here regardless of your religious orientation. If for no other reason than the singing is glorious. Cook Islanders are known for their singing and some of the best is on Aitutaki. The music is all acapella in very tight minor harmonies.  Some of the songs are very old and you can close your eyes and vision the ancient voyaging vakas (canoes) sailing the ocean. As a visitor, you will be invited to join them for tea after the service in the adjoining meeting hall.

Visitors should be respectful in their attire when attending church. Men should wear long pants with a shirt, and women a skirt and blouse.  If wearing a sun dress, women should also wear something that covers their shoulders. Sandals or flip flops are acceptable. No singlets. Hats for women are not required but the local ladies are sure to present some spectacular ones.

Sunday dinning: The restaurants and bars in the resorts are all open on Sunday - The Pacific Resort, Tamanu Beach, Samade on the Beach and The Aitutaki Lagoon Resort and Spa. In addition the Koru Cafe (breakfast and lunch) and the Boat Shed (lunch and dinner) are also open on Sunday.  The Koru Cafe does not serve alcohol on Sunday. All of the others do. Tamanu Beach and Samade both have Sunday Bar-B-Ques.

Lagoon tours: There are two lagoon tours that operate on Sunday as their owners are Seventh Day Adventists and don't operate on Saturday.  They are the Kia Orana Cruise and The Aitutaki Adventure (known as the yellow boat).

Fishing:  For both deep sea fishing and bone fishing there are some operators that will go out on Sunday. You need to check around.

Shopping: The main store that is open on Sunday is Neibaa on the east side of the island. They are closed on Saturdays. Early Sunday morning, the locals bring home made baked goods and other dishes to be sold. Get there early (7 am).

Petrol stations: There are no petrol stations open on Sunday. So if you are low, be sure to fill up on Saturday.

Air Rarotonga flights: There are currently 2 flights on Sunday between Rarotonga and Aitutaki.

Island tours: Aitutaki Safari Adventure Tours operates on Sunday but not on Saturday.

Motorbike and Car rentals: There are vehicle rentals available on Sunday but you may have to check around.

Hospital: The hospital is staffed 24/7. The doctors are available for emergencies only on Saturday and Sunday.

Other activities: Of course there is always snorkeling, swimming, beach combing, lying on the beach and just lazing about.