Aitutaki is a pleasure playground for water-lovers.  Not only is the lagoon huge, by comparison with the lagoon on Rarotonga, but it offers a variety of localities from which to enjoy diverse marine life and simply getting wet! 

On the mainland, one of the best spots for snorkelling is found at the end of the second (unsealed) runway. Driving north from the main villages of Amuri and Anaunga, turn left towards the sea at the 'T-intersection' beside the unsealed (crushed coral) runway.  This delightful beachfront retains trees for shade and receives all-day sun, facing due north.  Although there are numerous coral-heads within the lagoon, and water conditions can become choppy when the wind is blowing ashore, the values of this spot include a deserted beach with distant views looking south. To the north is the Marine Research beach, being one of the best places to snorkel off the beach. Many locals call it the aquarium.

Other good areas for swimming and snorkelling are the lagoon area from the Pacific Resort laundry as far as Matriki Beach-Huts.  In this locality the lagoon is deeper and reasonably clear for snorkelling.  Ootu Point by the Aitutaki Sailing Club and departure area for some lagoon cruises, offers nice swimming; depending on tidal movement and water disturbance from boats and the channel current. 

Good swimming can also be found around Aitutaki Lagoon Resort on the southern side of motu Akitua. In some areas of the western side of Aitutaki, there are a couple of swimming holes dug into the lagoon floor.  Much of the Amuri - Anaunga area is shallow however.

There are two scuba dive operators providing scuba tours and diving instruction on Aitutaki.  Aitutaki Scuba is located close to the airport, on the road to the Marine resources hatchery and golf course.  Bubbles Below are located in Aratea on the Tautu road towards Cafe Tupuna.    

Numerous lagoon cruises offer the best opportunities for swimming and snorkelling over a wider area.  Marine reserves, known as Ra'ui, are situated in the wider lagoon and near shore within the Ootu estuary.  All the lagoon tours have their favourite spots where they stop for water activities.  Snorkelling gear is provided by the vessel tour operators. Bring your own equipment for better fit and exclusive use.