There are very few books written solely about Aitutaki, but readers interested in learning about the island should not be discouraged, because there are numerous books written about the Cook Islands which include information on Aitutaki.

The books most travellers are concerned with are travel guides.  The most popular of the travel guides for the area is “Lonely Planet Rarotonga & the Cook Islands” by Oliver Berry ( ).  Another local travel guide which contains Aitutaki travel information is “Papa Mike’s Cook Islands Handbook” by Mike Hollywood ( ).

Although these books are useful, travellers should not limit themselves to reading travel guides solely about the area.  Visitors should consider reading history books, language books and even cookbooks relating to the Cook Islands in order to gain a greater understanding of the culture they will be experiencing during their visit.  Cook Islands Maori  is the predominant Polynesian culture (see for more information).  Visitors will find that learning about the culture will enhance their Aitutaki trip.  “Polynesians: Prehistory of an Island People” ( ) by Peter Bellwood is a good starting point regarding culture.  Travelers will also find that, although the people of Aitutaki speak English, it may be helpful to pick up a language book for the local tongue (Maori) to facilitate conversation.

A book written from a local's perspective is "Island Boy" written by Sir Tom Davis. Sir Tom was a former Prime Minister, a physician who taught at Harvard University  and was the medical director for the Apollo space program. Sir Tom Davis also became Prime minister of the Cook Islands.  He was a popular orator, and a highly regarded navigator and ocean explorer.  This book and others written by Papa Tom gives great insight from a local's view of what it is like growing up within the culture.

A leading electronic authority on all things Cook Islands is  This website provides an overview of the discovery and settlement history by early Polynesian explorers together with facts and informtion about Cook islands society today.  Additionally the website covers much ground regarding the georgraphy of each island, including Aitutaki, together with weather updates, accommodation options, and a things to do section.