Most visitors arrive Aitutaki by domestic flights from Rarotonga, having first reached the Cook Islands through its international airport on Rarotonga. Major cities through which travellers reach Rarotonga include Auckland, Sydney, Papeete, and Los Angeles. Travellers from other destinations make connecting flights to one of these major transit points.  Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia & Air Tahiti are the only passenger carriers flying into the Cook Islands at present. 

There are daily flights between Rarotonga and Aitutaki, aboard Air Rarotonga, with a flying time of 45 minutes.  Upon arrival on Aitutaki you will be met by your hotel transfer service and taken to your accommodation . There are no airport shuttle buses, or taxis waiting at the airport.  Be sure to pre-arrange your accommodation transfer.  Air Rarotonga also offers several weekly flights between Aitutaki and Atiu island (& vice versa). When departing Aitutaki, checkin at the airport counter a good half hour or more before your domestic flight departs.  

Shipping services:  There is no ferry service between Rarotonga to Aitutaki as yet.  Infrequent freight + passengers boats travel around the outer islands, and the journey from Rarotonga takes a full day or more, depending on the destined schedule but also a delay in departure is usual for these services.