If you are thinking about going to Kodiak here are a few things that might be helpful to know beforehand:

1. Kodiak is a remote island location,don't expect the luxury you might be used to in metropolitan areas; It is more like a 3rd world country.

2. It is inhabited mostly by transient workers, ie; fisherman, cannery workers, college students not quaint native villagers, like you see in the brochures.

3. The motels are probably equal to a one star motel in any other place you have been, there are not really any hotels.

4 The people are pretty friendly and helpful and welcoming as any you will find anywhere else, they will be as receptive as you are respectful.

5. A lot of cell phones won't have service here, check with your company before you travel.

6. While you can find whatever you need here, it is very expensive for basic necessities,and  the best restaurant steak dinner here is about equal to a chain restaurant elsewhere but it's not cheap. 

7. Bring your fishing pole, If you are looking for a rustic adventure and love fishing and hunting, don't mind rain or mosquitoes you will probably like it here!

8. If you rent a car be prepared for roads filled with potholes, dirt and gravel, not nice pavement and the rentals are mostly beaters.

9. Don't  bring any white clothes with you, there is a layer of volcanic ash on everything and it doesn't wash out.

10. Unless you go to the more remote locations on the island you probably won't spot a Kodiak Bear.

11.  Flights in and out are frequently cancelled due to fog or inclement weather.

Hope this is helpful and not too negative sounding, just want people to be prepared before they go there is a reason 10,000+ people live there!