There are always many mix-ups between the village of Cirali and the village ( valley ) of Olympos. Here's a bit of clarification on the subject.

Cirali / Olympos is located approx. 80km southwest from Antalya. It is quiet and peaceful village perfect for families, nature lovers and for those wishing to get away from the mass touristic cities or towns.

First the beach of Olympos ( located in the village of Cirali  ) is shared by both villages. There are two entrances to these villages located on the main highway between Antalya - Fethiye.

One entrance (Cirali) will bring you down into the village of after 7kms. Here you can reach the beach by car, mini-bus or by foot.
Once on the beach ( 4kms long -secluded - clean ) you can walk into the entrance of the ancient city of Olympos visiting the ruins located on either side of the creek.

The Chimaera ( ''Yanartas'' - as the locals call it ) is also located at the north end of the village of Cirali.  To get the the flames one must either drive 4 kms along the village road to the north end of the village and from there you can walk up the mountain side aprrox 1 km ( 20 mins ) to visit the flames. This spectacular site is best visited at night or at dusk ( bring your flashlight ) There are ruins also found along the path situated closer to flames. Also there are organized mini-bus tours ( located on the beach ) or you can possibly arrange with your hotel or pansiyon owner for transportation to the flames.

Cirali offers a wide range of accomodations for all budgets ranging from camping, pansiyons, hotels to boutique hotels. Read a rewiew

Here are some helpful web pages for more info about the area. , , or

The second entrance on the main highway from Antalya is the entrance to the village of Olympos ( 12 kms from the main highway ), Cavus Koy, and Adrasan. Here in this village are more accomodations with treehouses, bugalows, pansiyons and small hotels as well.

Olympos is very famous for the '' treehouses'' and offers a bit of a different lifestyle that Cirali It tends to cater to more younger crowd or students including backpackers and budget accomodations. In Olympos there are more bars and discos where as Cirali caters to a quieter crowd with only a few local bars playing live turkish music.

To reach the beach from Olympos village one must walk through the ancient city of Olympos. Depending on where one is staying the walk to the beach can be a few minutes up to longer ranging from 800m - 3 or 4 kms. Staying in Olympos village to visit the flames at night there are group tours with mini-buses that travel back up to the main highway road ( 12km ) and then after 1 km down into the other entrance (Cirali - another 11kms down ). You can walk if you wish through Olympos and then along the beach for 4kms or more to visit the flames. Don't forget to bring your flashlight as the ancient city has no lights at night.

Beach at Cirali